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Cebu: The 3 Lechon You Need

Lechon Baboy

Hailed as the world’s best, Cebu brags about the roasted pig that completes any celebration as it is the main dish: from its crispy skin down to the last piece of meat.

Lechon comes from the Spanish term that means pig. The entire process entails slaughtering the pig, removing its organs and replacing it with spices such as salt, pepper, garlic, onion and lemongrass. It is then placed on a bamboo stick and is slowly roasted, specifically hand-turned by at least two people for a couple of hours.

There’s still an on-going debate among Cebuanos on which area offers the best but nonetheless, it is easily available within the island.  Moreover, it is usually eaten with puso (hanging rice) on most occasions.

Many locals cook leftover lechon, called paksiw,  by boiling it with water and vinegar that softens the meat while its flavor remains intact, enhancing the gastronomic experience for everyone to share.

Lechon Manok

This is undeniably the easiest to buy, as there is a stall that sells roasted chicken in almost every corner of Cebu.  This is usually paired with atsara, a pickled vegetable side dish composed of unripe papaya, thinly sliced carrots, onion and garlic and is sold either in bottles or in plastic containers.  The chicken sauce complements the tender meat.

Lechon Baka

This one is similar to the two aforementioned above. However, it can be tricky when it comes to making the perfectly roasted beef as its meat is denser compared to other kinds of meat. This means that while the outside crisp may look tasty and devour-able, the meat inside may need a bit more time in order to get the perfect doneness.  However, if one wants his or her meat medium rare, why not?


Disclaimer: The photos used are taken from the wires.

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