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The home of every Cebuano’s answered prayers.

May it be fresh graduates imploring the help of the Virgin Mary to pass the board exams or tourists simply adoring its architectural design, there are countless reasons why each individual wants to visit the place.

What’s undeniably true is that the place gives you serenity, as everyone is required to exercise solemnity. Despite the increasing number of visiting devotees, foot traffic has never been an issue as everyone respects each other’s pace.

Several small-scale businesses have put up shop along the area, selling the necessary items to get through the heat, thirst and other needs such as food, water and souvenir items that one may give to his or her loved ones.

Visitors must also be cautious of their fashion sense as the church administration is keen on keeping things modest. No shorts or mini skirts are allowed along with sheer pieces of clothing. However, for those who are uninformed of the rule, a scarf can be rented outside the entrance for below a hundred pesos.

Other rules include the following: no eating of food inside the premises, no smoking and no drinking of alcohol beverages.

Once inside, an individual may also light a candle with specified colors for their corresponding prayers. Century-old paintings and statues are also present in the area.

If you’re planning to see the magnificent area, prepare your sunblock and hats as the temperature can be quite overwhelming especially with the number of daily visitors on the weekends.

Disclaimer: The photo used is taken from the wires. 

The author: Eldawn Catalan

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