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Colon Street, the oldest yet shortest street in the Philippines, is named after the Italian colonizer Christopher Columbus’ Spanish name – Cristobal Colon.

Old buildings and signages bring about a nostalgic era of Cebu’s glamor. The old movie houses alongside the equally historic churches and universities nearby tell a rich story of cultural improvement over time.

If you’re lucky enough, you may hear stories from the elderly telling you accounts of their experiences of what was once considered the socialites’ playground decades back.

Considered as the center of trade during the Spanish Era, Colon has maintained its status as it is now home to both huge and various small-scale businesses from clothes down to the different food chains. The place is also known for its diverse line of street food such as: tempura, kwek-kwek (steamed quail egg coated in flour mixed with orange food coloring) and kinhason (shellfish infused with salt and vinegar).

Its accessibility makes it easier for anyone to visit the city as majority of the public utility vehicles pass by every corner of the area. What was once owned by the Fronteras family back in the day is now shared by every citizen and tourists who want to experience the street itself.

Similar to other places in the world, Colon is the area within the city that never sleeps—students in a rush can be seen every morning trying to reach their respective campuses on time, busy shoppers going about their days, and vegetable vendors starting their day at midnight by stacking their fresh supplies.

However, the place is also subject to major renovations, such as its drainage system as well as waste management, as they remain to be factors that cause major inconvenience to the busy streets. There is also an on-going reputation of Colon as a home for pick pocketing and other negative connotations to it so it is highly advisable to wear simple clothes and avoid wearing jewelry and other items that is susceptible to being stolen.


Disclaimer: The photo used is taken from Marcos Detourist’s Flicker account.

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