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Travessentials: What You Need For Your Trip In the City

Exploring the city shouldn’t be difficult, especially when you’re a newbie in an area where almost everything is accessible via any mode of transportation.

However, the heat and rain is inevitable now that we’re approaching the moody season, which makes everyone wonder whether or not they should be bringing their umbrellas or jackets.

Fashion does not need to be synonymous with pain and hassle. Here are some items which one may wear to stay comfortable and in style:


Sport your favorite baseball or your beach hat to protect your face from the scorching heat of the sun or from the heavy droplets of rain. This keeps you cool, while upgrading your outfit from the basic shirt-short-shoe formula into the fashionista that you are. It is also highly advisable to slather your face and body with your sun screen to protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Loose outfits

Nothing screams adventure more than wearing your comfortable outfits, which enables you to eat as much as you want and go where your feet may take you in this little paradise. When it comes to fabric, cotton would be the best choice as it allows air to move which absorbs the body moisture caused by sweat compared to other types of cloth.

Comfy Shoes

As what most people say, shoes can make or break the outfit but fret no more as you only need your favorite sneakers and flats to maximize your stay. If you’re feeling fancy, you may wear your wedges to give you an extra oomph of confidence.

Enough Cash

“Do not place all your eggs in one basket” is the main message here. As a tourist, it is very important to be financially secure in a foreign land, which is home to both the good and the bad aspects of the city. As much as possible, bring only enough cash that is consumable within the day if you plan to explore the city like a local as you shop for danggit (an example of a dried fish), chorizo (local sausage) and other things to try!


Though having the latest DSLR is great, it is no fun bringing heavy equipment (which turns eyes and attracts attention) with you all throughout the day as it can be more of a hassle than an added joy to your trip. With smartphones possessing great cameras, it is easier to take instagrammable photos using your cellular phone as it is light and can fit into a tiny sling bag – making your hands free. Furthermore, your phone has all the apps you can need for your stay here in the Queen City of the South from your accommodation bookings down to the directions you need to hop from one place to another.


Now that you’ve read through the list, it’s time to enjoy!


Disclaimer: All the photos used are taken from the wires.

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