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Taboan Public Market: Make Your Own Peanut Butter

One of the things that may excite both locals and visitors is a treat that remains unnoticeable to majority. If you’re a kid at heart, then this article is a treat for you as you learn how to make your own peanut butter.

Next to the area where one may buy fresh fish in the wee hours of dawn, the Taboan public market in San Nicolas Proper opens up and is full of almost everything that anyone may need for their homes from meat, to vegetables, up to the various cooking wares, and even the traditional broomsticks.

Unknown to many, this is also a place where one may be able to see a wide array of peanuts that are known for its rich protein content. Homemade peanut butter is better compared to the ones you buy inside the supermarkets.

For starters, this gives you full control of the flavor by deciding its butter or margarine content, as well as its sugar content; may it be refined, brown or the famous Muscovado sugar (or commonly known as Barbados sugar), which is considered as the healthiest form of sweetener.

Secondly, the total experience package of making your own product is completely different from merely picking up a bottle in your local store with its added preservatives. Did I mention that it is significantly cheaper, too? You may bring home a kilo for under P100 (or $2). Also, this is not a drill.

Let’s begin:

  1. Ask locals where peanuts are sold. Don’t worry; most locals know how to speak in English so it should be easy to ask around.
  2. Depending on much peanut butter you plan on making and if you are not a peanut expert, asking the sales person for advice is a good idea. Chances are, they’ll offer you the other ingredients as well. A kilo of fresh peanuts costs around Php 60 – 80.
  3. Once you are done making the purchase, ask where the nearest grinding machine is located. This is most probably a few meters away from the stall where you bought the ingredients.
  4. Tell the machine operator that you’ll be grinding peanuts. He or she will turn on a mechanical mill and hand you a stick where you can keep track of the peanuts inside. The rate is usually at P8 to P10.
  5. Place a container (or a strong plastic bag) at the edge to catch the grounded peanuts.
  6. Slowly place a minimum amount of peanuts unto the machine and don’t fill it up to the brim as it may clog the machine and may spill some of the ingredients.
  7. Remember that patience is key as it may take up to 15 minutes to finish the grinding process. As you collect the peanut butter, you may bring it home to incorporate the butter and sugar.
  8. Voila! You may now store it in a dry area.

There you have it. The product is perfect for everyone with a sweet tooth and if you want to, you may always place it in smaller containers to share with your loved ones!

Disclaimer: The photo used is taken from the wires. 

The author: Eldawn Catalan

Eldawn is an avid fan of both spoken and written poetry. In her spare time, she writes anything that comes to mind and enjoys talking to people from different walks of life. You may follow her on instagram @ eldaaawn.
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