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What comes to mind when the municipality of Barili is mentioned is one word: a stop-over. While most people travel to the edges of the small island in the Queen City of the South, some people grin and take relief in stopping over the way to enjoy the town’s majestic yet low-key beauty. Here are the places one may check out:

Mantayupan Falls

Get ready to fall under its spell as it you take a dive in the island’s tallest waterfall, that spans up to 200 feet with its roaring splash and its rippling flow of water. Located four kilometers away from the town proper, the cool water is sure to give your skin the break it needs after sweating on the hike on the way to the hidden beauty. What’s even more fascinating is that despite the town’s industrial growth, the locals have managed to maintain its natural state—giving you a home within the city.

Bolocboloc Natural Spring Pools

This place is perfect for those who want to chill after their hyped spirits have cooled down from the wild Mantayupan Falls as they sip their favorite beverages. Situated two kilometers away from the falls, this site can be easily tracked, as two swimming pools are constantly replaced by sulfuric water that makes experience naturally therapeutic as well.

San Rafael Hill

Brace yourself for a leg day as you ride your bike or take a walk during a breezy afternoon here, and enjoy a cinematic view of the town and Tañon Strait under the sunset with your family and friends. Nearby motorcyclists are also available to take you to the area for a hassle-free trip. The hill is located two kilometers away from the town, making it an easy trail for anyone who wants to visit.

Molave Milk Station

Located just along the highway, this spot can be easily seen with a vertical signage and brings a burst of flavors as they serve ice cream and other frozen goodies made from cow’s milk to tired travelers who just want a break from a trip. What more can you ask for? The ambiance makes it perfect to steal a shot for the gram, as the place has an overlooking balcony and benches that are covered by multicolored umbrellas.

Gustoso Pizza and Pasta

While frozen treats might be good for the tongue, nothing beats a full meal as one indulges in the oozing cheese on top of their pizzas or savoring every spoonful delight of pasta as its cream brings about a complementary texture. Its cozy ambiance also makes it one place to spend a romantic getaway with your loved ones without breaking the bank. The quiet place also makes it perfect for deep conversations while sipping a glass of tea.

The next time you hop on the bus, make sure to give this small town a sneak peak and you might just find yourself a treat as you explore one place at a time.

Disclaimer: All the photos used are taken from the wires. 

The author: Eldawn Catalan

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