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In order to start the trip to the small town of Carmen, simply ask your cab driver to send you off to the North Bus Terminal that is located at Subangdako in Mandaue. A bus with the town’s name is etched on the mini bus’ side so it should not be difficult to catch a ride.

Fare rates range from P40 to P60 per person. Once you’re on board, then it’s time to explore the following places below:

Sea of Clouds in Mt. Mago

Photo by: Alvin Sarino

Enjoying this kind of scenery does not happen every time, but preparing for it increases the chances of witnessing such a beautiful sight in Brgy. Santican. It pays to check the weather forecast days ahead to ensure that your visit will go without interruptions. If you want to make the most out of it, you may also camp in order to witness the sunrise. What makes this an easy spot is that its trail is perfect for beginners.

Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort

Photo by: My Cebu

As with other eco-friendly farms, this place offers a free-flowing water from springs that supply their pools with various depths to accommodate the safety of their guests, from children to adults alike. Taking a dip in a place surrounded by various fruit trees and ornamental plants is the definition of a relaxing break away from the city. This place is located in Barangay Corte. It’s best to bring your insect repellants, as mosquitos may be present during your stay and to wear your comfortable slippers to avoid getting wounded by the sharp rocks. Entrance fee starts at P60 per guest and is subject to change without further notice.

Middle Earth Mountain Resort

Photo by: Eyah Shanna Antonio

Three connecting pools with an increasing depth from the cold spring is every guest’s dream. as it provides a different experience from the scorching heat of the city. However, the place does not have any cafeterias to provide guests with food and drinks, so it is best to provide your own. Entrance fees are as follows: P50 for adults and P30 for children below 10 years old. The cottages can be rented for P400 while kiosks start at P3,000.

Mangitngit Falls

Photo by: Cebu Bluewaters

This serves as the source of water for one of the resorts nearby, and though trekking may be a bit challenging, the view is definitely worth every step taken. However, guests must be cautious all the time and are highly advised to refrain from visiting the place when the weather isn’t desirable, as the soil is prone to landslides. Furthermore, taking a dip is also prohibited so if one wants to visit, prepare your senses as the falls’ water and roaring sounds soothes the soul.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Photo by: Joshua Padillo

Considered as a world-class adventure park, the place surely does not disappoint as it features plants and animals that used to be only visible through our television screens. Tigers, zebras, giraffes and other wildlife are already available for the public to see. The park will soon house the following amenities a few years from now: giant swings, zip lines, obstacle course, sky bikes and a spider walk. Entrance fee is at P800 per person with one set of meal while children below 3 feet is at P400.

Disclaimer: The photos used are taken from the wires.

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