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More Than A Creative Expression

Aurumfebris is a strong authentication of the artist’s lavish experimentation and conscientious cerebral thinking process, factoring in the efficient use of valuable resources, collectively involving time and focused energy, relentless passion and solid conviction to unleash a new series of collection for this season.  Gold is the very backbone of this exhibition.  Aurum is at the core of the artist’s works, showing grit and fortitude that speak copiously of the desire to achieve uniqueness in its truest essence.

With forty-five mixed medium masterpieces on paper and on canvas in this show, Gil Francis Maningo has justifiably proven the prolific results of such a tedious process that he had succumbed to. To wit, he has painstakingly worked, played, mixed diverse mediums and to a certain extent allowed himself to be exposed to health hazards while challenging himself to achieve the tint he desired for both industrial and regular metallic paint under the sun.  With Gold Leaf as his primary medium, the distinctively infectious zest of appeal under the warm lights truly surfaced.  Suffice it to say, the artist’s identity through the explicit and dramatic entry of his works in today’s competitive art arena inarguably merits him today’s iconic stature vis-à-vis with his preceding accolades in both the performing and the visual arts.  

Aurumfebris discourses about the abundance of grace and perfectly advances the thrust of Expressionism’s intimate form, particularly Figurative Expressionism. One of the forty five works, Pretiosum Tempus, for example, is so meaningful that the artist indefatigably executed his brush to dance and twirl from the first empty space of the canvas to the last, escalating the progression of its composition and its aesthetics. Pretiosum Tempus is Precious Time, and the first of the works in the Aurum series that all exude the vibrancy of colors, the perfection of techniques, and the wealth, wholeness and spontaneity of the subjects’ insightful depth.

Gil Francis Maningo, who is 60 today, is a man of many personae. He is a photographer, composer, singer, actor and the title most apt and popular about him is that of a caricaturist.  The man behind the notable glocal (going global and genuinely local) brand KULAS (Kusog Ug Ligi-on Ang Sugbuanon) shirts has long been recognized for decades of his awards in photography and music.  He was one of the first recording artists of Octo Arts.  Also in retrospect, he has worked as a graphic artist in Chicago Sun Times Magazine. His travels abroad afforded him to learn American-Indian Art.  He visits museums a lot. His music composition landed him the finalist spot in Cebu’s Pop Music Festival in the 90’s.  Undeniably gifted, and being an artist of competence and character, Gil is always destined to achieve excellence in the various endeavors he ventures into.  

Gil Francis Maningo studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman.  His love for the arts have had its strong influence and foundation from the past. The direction and confidence he relished from esteemed artists like Professor Martino Abellana, Jeff Dizon and National Artist Jose Joya are humbly reminisced.  

“Every thing is grace”, Gil quips.  His faith in God has been the crux of his existence.  It can further be deduced that his firm belief I the supremacy of the Divine ushered him to a journey of productivity, not just with resilience to the challenges of life but with joy of trusting the perfect timing of God in every detail of him as a family man, as an entrepreneur, as an artist.  His spirituality, commendable as it is, continuously inspires him to give glory to the Giver of his talents.  Such is the mark of a true Cebuano arts icon.

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