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5 Best Tasting Lechon Places in the Queen City of the South



When it comes to lechon in the Philippines, there’s only one place that comes to everyone’s mind: The Queen City of the South, Cebu. Just a plain visit in this archipelago will not be complete without trying the crunchy, succulent, roasted suckling pig. If you want to satisfy your gastronomic cravings, make sure to drop by any of these best tasting lechon places.

  1. Alejo’s lechon

Considered as one of the tastiest and crunchiest lechon in the island, Alejo’s lechon is stuffed with lemongrass with the perfect amount of salt and seasoning–just enough to make your mouth water. Its key ingredients are the classic salt, pepper, onions, and garlic. Alejo’s lechon is located in El Salvador Extension, Labangon Cebu City.

Lechon Places_5 Best Tasting Lechon Places in the Queen City of the South

Jed Galang

  1. CNT Lechon

This lechon store has a unique taste that has customers coming back for more. Aside from their crispy and perfectly salted skin, the meat is flavorful, well-seasoned, and is packed with herbs and spices which you can taste even to the bones – no need to dip it in sauce or gravy to make it appetizing. Their main branch is located along V. Rama Avenue, and has outlets spread across Cebu.

Lechon Places_5 Best Tasting Lechon Places in the Queen City of the South

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  1. Rico’s lechon

Rico’s lechon is probably the first restaurant to pioneer the spicy flavored lechon throughout Cebu. Their lechon options include classic ingredients like garlic, leeks, and other spices to make sure the pig is properly roasted and succulent. Rico’s lechon has consistently made it into the list of top lechons in Cebu. Currently, their stores are located in Unit 3 & 4 Mactan Promenade, Airport Road, Ibo, Lapu-Lapu City, as well as in Mantawe Ave, Mandaue City Cebu.

Lechon Places_5 Best Tasting Lechon Places in the Queen City of the South

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  1. Chona’s Lechon

Talisay City, home to numerous lechon stores, and is considered as one of the producers of best tasting lechon in all of Cebu, is also home of the famous Chona’s lechon. Aside from being crunchy and tasty, according to customers, their version of the roasted pig is different from the other varieties, which satisfies the cravings of not only locals, but tourists and foreigners alike.

  1. Tatang’s extra crispy boneless lechon

If you’re looking for authentic boneless lechon belly in the Queen City, then Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon is for you. It started off as a small stall at a parking lot in Mandaue City, and what makes this boneless lechon different from other brands is its extra crispy skin. The belly is slowly roasted and cooked over charcoal heat. The meat itself is flavorful and aromatic, as well as taste the combination of herbs and spices stuffed in the roasted pig’s belly. Tatang’s is located in Wilson St, Apas, Cebu City.

Lechon Places_5 Best Tasting Lechon Places in the Queen City of the South

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All You Need to Know About the Province of Cebu



Right in the heart of the Philippine archipelago is Cebu –the long and narrow parcel of land fringed with stretches of white beaches as dazzling as the ready smiles of its people. Its backbone is a rugged terrain traversing north to south with verdant plains that are as rich as its fascinating past. Surrounding the main island are smaller ones such as Mactan, Olango, Camotes, Sumilon, Bantayan, and Malapascua.

Just an hour’s flight south of the country’s capital city of Manila, Cebu belongs to the Central Visayas region (Region 7) which includes the provinces of Bohol and Siquijor. Being strategically located, it was established as a center of trade centuries ago, way before the spice-searching Spanish conquistadores set foot on the Philippines.

Since Magellan planted the first cross on Cebu’s sandy shores in 1521, the Roman Catholic faith has firmly taken root in the lives of the majority who embrace it with much fervor. Processions or town fiestas honoring a patron saint are pompous events that never lack dramatic flair.

Graceful remnants of the Spanish and American eras are strewn across the entire length of the long island, particularly in Carcar where nostalgia tugs at your heart. The heritage town spreads a visual feast through its showcase of stately ancestral homes, colonial-period buildings and a century-old church.

Fiesta-loving Cebuanos exude a genuine warmth and friendliness that visitors can’t miss. Get up close and personal to discover that beneath their primarily carefree disposition, down-to-earth nature and almost nonchalant manner is an energetic, independent spirit. When faced with pressing realities, the good-humored locals pride themselves in being able to spring back and adapt to the changing tide with a determined “can do” attitude, a seemingly innate Cebuano trait.

This celebrated resiliency was put to the test after super typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) ravaged northern parts of Cebu in 2013. Cebu’s devastated communities worked hard to pick themselves up and have now recovered remarkably to stand proud once more. Moving forward seems to be what Cebu does best.

Exquisite craftsmanship is another quality that distinctly defines Cebu. It’s seen in the fine furniture pieces, fashion accessories, handmade guitars and home interiors that the island produces. Cebuanos are true geniuses too at weaving baskets, furniture, or the humble puso (hanging rice) sold along the roadside. Rice sacks are even recycled and woven into shopping bags by some underprivileged women-folk as an added income, proof of the locals’ creative streak.

Creative expression brims over also in the fields of fashion and the performing and visual arts where young locals excel in graphics, street art and animation. Music and dance, integral to every festive celebration, come quite naturally to most Filipinos, especially in Cebu where talent abounds. Even inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a maximum security prison, are internationally famous because of their dancing prowess.

Having to pick out just one from the country’s 7,107 islands may be difficult, but Cebu sits positively high as a favorite while being easily accessible by land, sea and air. A second passenger terminal has just opened to take in more arrivals at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. T      he busiest domestic seaport is also in Cebu, which is home to 80% of the country’s largest shipping companies. Merchant ships of up to 180,000 deadweight tons are built in Balamban, a town on the island’s western coast.

Cebu’s allure lies in its perfect mix of city and island life, where the best of both worlds are balanced so well that doing business blends seamlessly with pleasure. As one of the country’s top destinations, accommodations are available to suit the preferences and pockets of all visitors who will happily find it easy to strike up a conversation with the largely English-speaking local population.

The diversity of Cebu’s landscape offers endless options for the adventurous: scuba diving in Moalboal and Malapascua, swimming with whale sharks in Oslob, hiking up to Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, canyoneering in Alegria and Badian, mountain biking over rugged hills, or even learning the home-grown martial art of eskrima or yaw-yan. Better yet, why not give them all a shot.

For the more sedate, downtown Cebu and its environs overflow with history. Culture buffs need to watch out for the annual Gabii sa Kabilin, or night of heritage, when museums and heritage sites in four major cities in Cebu stay open until midnight on the last Friday of May. If you need to slow down, there’s always upscale retail-therapy shopping and dining, the golf courses and the secluded white beaches of Bantayan and Camotes.


Cebu is like a living postcard, waiting and begging to be explored.

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Perfect Spots Based On Your Personality




Are you the type of person who desires a quiet space to unwind and enjoy some “alone time”?  Or the type who chases new experiences, interactions and have been called the life of the party? If you find yourself being in the middle of the personalities mentioned above, don’t worry. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find the perfect place for you in Cebu!



If you crave for an escape from the bustle of city life and crowded tourist spots but still wants a fun adventure alone, introverts like you would appreciate Inambakan Falls in the town of Samboan. Immerse yourself with nature by listening to the calming sound of the waterfall and taking a cold dip into the crystal-clear waters. You can go bungee jumping or just enjoy taking in the lush wilderness and tranquility while letting your mind wander. Inambakan falls is sparsely populated but its best to visit during weekdays.

Inambakan Falls_Perfect spots based on your personality


If you’re in the city but looking for a place to enjoy peace with some good coffee, quickly head to Yolk Coffee and Breakfast Café at IT Park. The relaxing ambiance and serenity it gives off makes you want to stay the entire morning, reading your favorite book or browsing the internet. Dive deep into reading with all the books displayed! The café, which doesn’t use processed food, delights its customers with sumptuous healthy breakfast dishes and its instagram-worthy interior.

Yolk Coffee&Breakfast_Perfect Spots Based On Your Personality

Image Source: @maealon28



People know you as someone who’s outgoing and full of energy. Gregarious individuals like you should have a taste of Cebu’s nightlife and leave no dull moment behind at Oqtagon. Strike a conversation with the locals or fellow travelers while enjoying tasty drinks or liquor. Oqtagon, being in the list of top bars in Cebu, will surely keep you stimulated and pull you to the dance floor through the DJ’s beat drops.

Oqtagon_Perfect Spots Based On Your Personality

Image Source: Oqtagon


Sugbo Merkado not only offers an array of delectable dishes but it’s also a place for extroverts who loves being in a crowd. Bring your friends or fellow travelers and have a good time while checking out a number of food stalls and listening to great acoustic covers by local singers. Your “sociable” skills will be quite useful since most of the time you’d have to share tables with strangers.

Sugbo Merkado_Perfect spots based on your personality

Image Source: Sugbo Merkado



Ambiverts fall somewhere in between introvert and extrovert, depending on situations. Whether you love meeting new people or prefer doing something alone, you will never go wrong with Danasan Eco-Adventure Park in Danao City. Kick off an unforgettable Cebu adventure with the eco park’s thrilling outdoor activities, such as ATV, sky bike, kayaking and more, which you can fully enjoy alone or with a companion. Getaway from the stress of reality and scream your lungs out!

Danasan Eco-Adventure Park_Perfect spots based on your personality

Image Source: Danasan Eco-Adventure Park


Looking for a quiet and less crowded restaurant that offers delectable authentic Filipino food? Add Manggahan to your list of “must visit” restaurants and head to Apas, Cebu City during the day. Manggahan delights your senses with its aromatic and mouthwatering dishes which will leave you craving for more. If you’re in the mood for a lively yet chill vibe, don’t worry, a band plays at night so the restaurant gets more crowded and alive!


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