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Top 5 Extreme Adventures for Adrenaline Junkies or Daredevils



Do you fancy the extremes? Calling out daring individuals who are seeking for unforgettable and hair-raising adventures! Do you want to cross out a number of exhilarating outdoor activities from your bucket list –or even add more? Fear not, like your best friend, Cebu has it all covered. Buckle up and get ready to scream in euphoria!


  1. Skydiving in Bantayan Island

Although it’ll probably hurt your pocket or might cost you a month of your living allowance, sky diving takes a top spot in extreme adventures to try especially if jumping from high places excites you –with safety gear of course. Jump off the plane, which is 10,500 feet above the ground, and witness the enthralling beauty of Cebu up in the sky. It will definitely give you the adrenaline rush you’ve been craving for. Fly high!

skydiving_Top 5 extreme adventures for adrenaline junkies

Image Source: @francesmarie_09

  1. Sky drop in Danao City

If sky diving is too expensive or extreme for you as of the moment, Danasan Eco Adventure Park’s Sky Drop is way cheaper but still delights thrill-seekers with a soul-losing ride. Enjoy going 120 feet up in the air and scream your worries as the ride drops and swings you mid-air. Remember, open your eyes for the astonishing view of lush mountains. The Ecopark also offers a bunch of other outdoor adventures like all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trailing, skybike, wakeboarding and others.

Sky drop_Top 5 extreme adventures for adrenaline junkies

Image Source: @danasanecoadventure

  1. Shark diving in Malapascua Island

Hollywood movies have taught us not to go near sharks for they are ‘merciless’ creatures that might bite your leg off. In Cebu, that is not the case. From swimming with gentle whale sharks, one can also dive with thresher sharks in the province and yes, no eating and attacking of humans. Malapascua is actually the only place in the world where you can dive with these splendid sharks. Most of the time, thresher sharks appear between sunrise and 9am at Monad Shoal, a sucken island near Malapascua.  Expect that it is a real challenge to sight one but just be patient and you’ll be able to have a memorable thrilling dive in the ocean.

shark Diving_Top 5 extreme adventures for adrenaline junkies

Image Source: @malapascua_scuba

  1. Rock climbing in Toledo City

This adrenaline-pumping sport is quite dangerous and literally gives you shaking knees but for dare devils, that’s where the fun is. In the end, the satisfaction you get after reaching the top makes it all worth it. Veteran or first timer, if you like the challenge, head to Barangay Cantabaco, Toledo City for Cebu’s rock climbing haven. Have no gear for rock climbing? That’s totally fine; guides offer enough gears for rent.

Rock Climbing_Top 5 extreme adventures for adrenaline junkies

Image Souce: @trickynsticky

  1. Canyoneering in Badian

Adventure seekers take the challenge of travelling through canyons in the town of Badian! Canyoneering, specifically in Badian’s Kawasan falls, is an all-time favorite of both local and international tourists when visiting Cebu. Be dauntless and don’t think twice in jumping into stunning turquoise natural pools and raging waterfalls. It takes at least four hours to complete but trust me, you’ll forget about the word ‘exhaustion’ with the fun you’re having.

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A Leap into the Literary Experience in Cebu



Cebu is being constantly brought in the limelight when it comes to its beaches, delicacies, tourist spots, and its culture in general. A lot of tourists and locals spend their vacation in the province doing most common activities you can easily find in the Internet (i.e. island hopping, sightseeing, and food trip). But, if you are looking for other ways to experience Cebu, then setting foot in its literary space might be one of the unique directions to take.

Paying a visit to Cebu’s libraries

LRC_A Leap into a Literary Experience in Cebu

Image Source: University of San Carlos Library System Facebook

From learning one’s history to reading just any book that sparks your interest, there are a variety of libraries Cebu has to offer.

Just like any other place, the province has a dwelling for archives, books, journals and other publications that trace back from the early ages to the modern times. The Cebuano Studies Center, for example, is a special library that houses source materials, research, and other literary works covering Cebu and its culture. The center is located inside Josef Baumgartner Learning Resource Center of the University of San Carlos, Talamban Campus, which is the largest library in the Philippines by size. As soon as you walk right inside the Cebuano Studies Center, the hinting scent of antiquity will almost lure you to read every record of history stored in the shelves.

Another notable library in the province you might also want to check out is the Cebu City Public Library or also known as Rizal Memorial Library and Museum, which is widely recognized as the first public library in the country that opens 24/7 (read more about it here). The building has a neoclassical structure which makes it feel nostalgic especially for older generations. The ride of history and culture will not only come from the shelf route, but will also drift you to a room of ancient artifacts, sculptures, painting, and other archaeological finds in the museum that dates back to the old-fashioned lifestyle Cebuanos used to have before and during the colonization period in the Philippines.

Books and Brews_A Leap into the Literary Exprience in Cebu

Image Source: Books and Brews Cafè Facebook

If you’re the type that wants a more intimate or comfortable area to enjoy your nooks and books instead, you can check out Books and Brews Cafè located at G/F Mango Square Mall, Juana Osmeña Street, Cebu City. The place is a cafè with an extensive library perfect for bibliophiles who enjoy a scent of coffee while being taken deep into their reading experiences. This might just be your modern mini-library of choice that you’re hoping to have around the corner. [Visit Facebook]

Attending literary events and exhibitions

BBW_A Leap into the Literary Experience in Cebu

Image Source: Big Bad Wolf Books Facebook

Cebuanos love marking their calendars for special occasions like annual literary festivals or events in Cebu, which usually happens between the 1st to the 3rd quarter of the year. The Big Bad Wolf, known as the world’s largest book sale, recently came to town and had their sale at the IEC Convention Center Cebu from August 16 to 26. What makes this event stand out among the rest every year is that majority of the bookworms in Cebu never dare to miss this as it’s the perfect opportunity for them to hoard a vast number of books that have the biggest discounts you could not imagine! Quite unfair if we leave some people out of this once in a lifetime opportunity right? So, whether you are a tourist or a local, make sure to include this in your plans soon. [See updates here]

Aside from smart shopping, stopping by at literary and art exhibitions is also a different kind of “sightseeing” experience. Cebu Zine Fest, for example, runs in a showcase room at 856 G Gallery that includes displays of art, illustrations, comics, books, poetry, photography, and self-produced merchandises set up by diverse artists from different parts of the country. The artists themselves also have their own booths and tables placed in the same area of their displays, so it’s the perfect setting for a curious mind to explore another’s. What makes this exhibition different from what people usually expect in a local exhibition is that the works showcased here are unique, uncensored, peculiar, and interesting—a manifestation of young yet sophisticated minds.

[See also future literary events and activities here]

ZineFest_A Leap into the Literary Experience in Cebu

Image Source: 856 G Gallery Facebook

Literature and art entice the heart of many Cebuanos. These two disciplines altogether is about expressing an idea, concept, or message in an artistic, intellectual, and creative way. The beauty and impact of its nature is the reason why many are driven to involve and contribute to its growth and recognition.

Because the people in the province are constantly putting life into their literary activities and celebrations, it has become part of Cebu’s beautiful culture that is worth to experience and appreciate.

Be it a huge event or spoken word juncture, the creative scene becomes a whole different experience if it’s in Cebu. Trying something new is also one adventure to take that is worth telling.

So, what’s not to like?

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Perfect Spots Based On Your Personality




Are you the type of person who desires a quiet space to unwind and enjoy some “alone time”?  Or the type who chases new experiences, interactions and have been called the life of the party? If you find yourself being in the middle of the personalities mentioned above, don’t worry. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find the perfect place for you in Cebu!



If you crave for an escape from the bustle of city life and crowded tourist spots but still wants a fun adventure alone, introverts like you would appreciate Inambakan Falls in the town of Samboan. Immerse yourself with nature by listening to the calming sound of the waterfall and taking a cold dip into the crystal-clear waters. You can go bungee jumping or just enjoy taking in the lush wilderness and tranquility while letting your mind wander. Inambakan falls is sparsely populated but its best to visit during weekdays.

Inambakan Falls_Perfect spots based on your personality


If you’re in the city but looking for a place to enjoy peace with some good coffee, quickly head to Yolk Coffee and Breakfast Café at IT Park. The relaxing ambiance and serenity it gives off makes you want to stay the entire morning, reading your favorite book or browsing the internet. Dive deep into reading with all the books displayed! The café, which doesn’t use processed food, delights its customers with sumptuous healthy breakfast dishes and its instagram-worthy interior.

Yolk Coffee&Breakfast_Perfect Spots Based On Your Personality

Image Source: @maealon28



People know you as someone who’s outgoing and full of energy. Gregarious individuals like you should have a taste of Cebu’s nightlife and leave no dull moment behind at Oqtagon. Strike a conversation with the locals or fellow travelers while enjoying tasty drinks or liquor. Oqtagon, being in the list of top bars in Cebu, will surely keep you stimulated and pull you to the dance floor through the DJ’s beat drops.

Oqtagon_Perfect Spots Based On Your Personality

Image Source: Oqtagon


Sugbo Merkado not only offers an array of delectable dishes but it’s also a place for extroverts who loves being in a crowd. Bring your friends or fellow travelers and have a good time while checking out a number of food stalls and listening to great acoustic covers by local singers. Your “sociable” skills will be quite useful since most of the time you’d have to share tables with strangers.

Sugbo Merkado_Perfect spots based on your personality

Image Source: Sugbo Merkado



Ambiverts fall somewhere in between introvert and extrovert, depending on situations. Whether you love meeting new people or prefer doing something alone, you will never go wrong with Danasan Eco-Adventure Park in Danao City. Kick off an unforgettable Cebu adventure with the eco park’s thrilling outdoor activities, such as ATV, sky bike, kayaking and more, which you can fully enjoy alone or with a companion. Getaway from the stress of reality and scream your lungs out!

Danasan Eco-Adventure Park_Perfect spots based on your personality

Image Source: Danasan Eco-Adventure Park


Looking for a quiet and less crowded restaurant that offers delectable authentic Filipino food? Add Manggahan to your list of “must visit” restaurants and head to Apas, Cebu City during the day. Manggahan delights your senses with its aromatic and mouthwatering dishes which will leave you craving for more. If you’re in the mood for a lively yet chill vibe, don’t worry, a band plays at night so the restaurant gets more crowded and alive!


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